Testing consists of two phases:

  • Your internal testing

  • Worldpay'svalidation testing, where we test your implementation and ensure it meets Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards

Once you have passed the Worldpay test, you can begin the boarding process.

Your Testing

To test your POS application with IPS you need a test payment terminal or terminals, and test cards.

Worldpay can supply test payment terminals - please discuss your requirements with your Worldpay Relationship Manager (RM) or contact Worldpay Support.

For test cards, the ICC Solutions RCTP (Retailer Confidence Test Pack) is widely used. You can also use Visa ADVT cards and Mastercard ETEC cards. This is not an exclusive list, as test cards from other suppliers are also available.

Make sure you check the expiry date on all test cards, as expired cards can cause unreliable test results.

For testing, Worldpay provide a sandbox environment to simulate approve/decline/referral responses for transactions with test cards. For more details contact your Worldpay RM or contact Worldpay Support.

IPS POS Validation Test

Worldpay validate your integration to IPS POS. This validation ensures that any software integrated to IPS POS is fully compliant with UK Cards Association card processing regulations.

The validation testing concentrates on:

  • The correct formatting of receipts, especially in those cases where the integrator is not using the IPS POS supplied pre-formatted receipt test

  • Ensuring the POS application reacts correctly to transaction prompts from IPS. For example where IPS requests accept/reject a signature receipt

You must complete the IPS POS validation test before IPS POS goes live in your organisation or setting.

See theIntegrated POS Validation Testsection for full details of the various procedures and test scripts. You can also ask your Worldpay relationship manager or Worldpay Customer Support for a test script.

Testing phases

The phases to completing IPS POS Validation are:

  1. Integrator completes the IPS POS Validation Test script for the transactions applicable to their environment.

  2. Prints the example receipts requested, and provides them to Worldpay for review and approval.

  3. Worldpay review and provide feedback for the example receipts. We may ask you to change the design of your receipts before we approve them.

  4. Worldpay views the POS application as it works with IPS on a selection of transactions, and review the receipts produced. This stage is usually completed remotely by video conference. It typically lasts between two to four hours but can take longer if you need to make POS changes to complete the process.

  5. Worldpay give a formal sign-off to your integration.