Pennies - the digital charity boxis a UK charity with a service, called Pennies, that encourages people to give to charities.

It is a quick and simple way for people to donate without cash, as part of their daily lives.

If you are a participating merchant, shoppers who pay by card or digital wallet can add a small donation to their purchase. This donation goes to a charity or charities chosen by you, the merchant. You can offer either a ‘Round Up’ or a fixed ‘Top Up’ donation amount.

This is how you, the merchant, transfers money to the charity:

  1. IPS adds the shopper's donation to the transaction value and the total is sent for authorisation.

  2. The acquirer settles the full amount of the transaction, including the donation, to your bank account.

  3. Pennies invoices you for the value of the donations. Pennies sends these invoices at a frequency agreed with you based upon the size of the value you typically raise. Common frequencies are weekly or monthly.

  4. Pennies then send the share of the donations due to the charity or charities each month. Typically this is a few days after the funds are received from the merchant.

Integrated POS service supports Pennies donations as part of the normal card payment transaction flow in the UK and the ROI. For transactions where the shopper has opted to donate, the donation value is printed on their receipt.

The donation value is also returned to the Point of Sale (POS) application as part of the transaction response message.

We can configure the Integrated POS service for ‘Round Up’ or ‘Top Up’ donations. Integrated POS service also supports donation banding for both Round Up and Top Up donations. See the table below for an example:

Transaction AmountTop Up Value
£0 to £5£0
£5 to £50£1
£50 to £200£5

Integrated POS service can also provide times during the day when the donation prompt does not appear. For example, during a lunchtime peak period.

To apply Pennies to your Worldpay Total system, contact Worldpay Support or your Worldpay Relationship Manager (RM).