Online refunds

Online refunds are available for the United Kingdom (UK), Republic of Ireland (ROI), Europe and the rest of the world.

Visa and Mastercard now require online authorisations for all refunds (credit vouchers/purchase returns). The date of this demand varies depending on where your sales outlets are based. See the table below for the deadlines.

Card SchemeRegionWaiver Date (Merchant Readiness)
APAC (including Japan)
16th October 2020
VisaEurope,UK & ROI22nd April 2022
DiscoverUS17th April 2022
DinersUK17th April 2020
MastercardAll (except Europe, UK & ROI)16th October 2020
MastercardEurope, UK & ROI22nd April 2022

Integrated POS supports all the acquirers depending on their system readiness to support online refunds. The process is as follows:

  1. IPC determines if a refund is sent online. To make this decision, IPC checks both:

    • The scheme/brand of the refund request
    • The acquirer of the route associated with the refund
  2. Once the refund request arrives at the Worldpay Integrated Payments service, there is a check to see if online refunds are allowed for the merchant. If the merchant flag is set, IPC sends the refund to the acquirer.

General Information

  • By default, online refunds are enabled for all merchants, except those in Europe, the UK and the ROI

  • Worldpay will contact merchants in Europe, the UK and the ROI during 2021. We will advise these merchants on plans to enable online refunds

  • Online Refunds are also disabled for merchants that are excluded from the mandate, for example, airlines

  • For merchants with online refunds disabled, the Integrated Payments Service host sends an acceptance response to IPC

  • Refunds do not need Card Verification Methods (CVM, CVV)

    • A signature-based card refund is processed without a signature. For example, a magnetic swipe transaction, a PAN-key entry, or chip and swipe
    • Chip card refunds are processed without the PIN
    • Online PIN Contactless refunds are processed without the PIN
    • CNP refunds will not check AVS
  • The acquirer may not return an authorization code for online refunds

  • If the IPC POS host receives a referral response from the acquirer for a refund, IPC accepts the refund as an offline acceptance. IPC will not prompt for a referral for refunds

  • If there are connectivity issues, refunds are processed offline. IPC provides the appropriate information in the transaction response. Integrators or merchants can use this information to determine if the refund was accepted online or offline by the issuer/acquirer