IPS V3.1.2.0
Released August 2021

Boarding normally starts after the validation test is complete. SeeTestingfor more details.

Boarding is the process of configuring the IPS POS central service parameters according to your requirements. This applies to each paypoint (corresponding to a payment terminal) in the estate. Worldpay must also set up the Acquirer MID (Merchant ID) and TID (Terminal ID).

Note: The MID assigned for IPS POS is different to the MID used for acquiring.

Worldpay must get accurate data for each outlet and pay point in the estate. We register this data on the Worldpay Central service and with the acquirer for the service, which is Worldpay or American Express. Usually we have to configure multiple services with multiple organizations involved. This means it can take several weeks to validate the setup information, resolve queries, and update the relevant systems.

Worldpay will discuss potential timeframes for the boarding process with you at an early stage of the implementation project.

If you implement IPS POS for P2PE compliance, you, the merchant, must follow the instructions described in the IPS POS PIM (P2PE Implementation Manual). For further information contact your Worldpay RM or Customer Support.


Worldpay provide the payment terminals to you as agreed, and once boarding is complete, IPS is ready to implement in production. Discuss your plan to go-live with your Worldpay Relationship Manager (RM) or Customer Support.