Omnichannel integration

The Worldpay Gateway (WPG) is one of Worldpay’s premier eCommerce gateways used to process global online payments.

You can use WPG to take all forms of payment methods from all the major card schemes (VISA, MasterCard etc). WPG also takes popular alternative payment methods (Paypal etc) and the recent popular mobile wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay etc). WPG is also a multi role platform that can asist the processing of Point of Sale (POS) transactions from Worldpay IPS/Total products and payment partners.

WPG acts as a central gateway where all ECOM and POS transactions are processed enabling an omnichannel environment which offers shopper-friendly and cost saving capabilities that benefit Worldpay merchants.


There are two ways to integrate with WPG:

  • Omni-Channel which you integrate into EMBOSS but the data flows to WPG

  • POS only which integrates into EMBOSS

The sections below describe some of the omnichannel benefits:

Shopper Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of tokenizing a payment method in order to store the details in a secure manner for use with repeat purchases. By using tokens Worldpay merchants can offer a better shopper experience to their customers.


Through Worldpay’s shopper tokens, merchants can provide more seamless shopper experience for their customers.

By using the WPG connection, merchants can access the token store where they can tokenise payment methods useable across multiple channels. This enables merchants to offer customers their favorite ways to pay across more channels, which should help grow their repeat business.

For more information on how Worldpay uses tokens seeTokenization

Single Customer View

Single Customer View is the capability to view all transaction data for one shopper regardless of the payment methods used. With the rise of different alternative payment methods and mobile wallets, one shopper can now have multiple tokens created for each way they pay. Using payment account references, Worldpay can link all transactions to the same bank account, which creates a single customer view of the shopper.


Worldpay can also provide more insight into specific shopper behavior.

This insight comes from the Payment Account Reference (PAR) through the Worldpay Acquiring platform and the relationships Worldpay has with the card schemes. The PAR is an identifier associated with a specific bank account; it allows Worldpay to gather specific transaction history. In practice, no matter the payment methods used (PayPal, Apple Pay or card, etc) Worldpay provides the PAR back to you, the merchant. You can use the information for in-depth transaction analysis that enables targeted advertisements to specific shoppers. Do this effectively and your repeat business will grow and grow.

Multi-Channel Shopper journeys - buy online, return/refund in store

Buy online with return/refund in store is the ability for a shopper to pay for an item online and enter the store to return the item. The shopper will not need to re-enter card details in store. Instead you can use the WPG integration to make a simple refund. This capability allows Worldpay merchants to provide a more customer friendly experience to their shoppers.


Worldpay can also provide multi shopper journeys such as buy online and refund in store capabilities.

As all transactions now use the same Worldpay Gateway (WPG), all data is stored in one place. This allows for different channel usage. A shopper can buy an item online and in turn return get refunded in store through the WPG integration. This allows Merchants to be as flexible as possible to their customers. This in turn provides a more customer-friendly environment and atmosphere.

Consolidated reporting - All Channel reporting data in one place

Consolidated reporting comes from all the transaction data stored in one database and can be viewed universally. You do not need any additional database systems to see all transaction and asscociated data. Worldpay can provide Consolidated Reporting through the Pazien Reporting Tool.


Worldpay also provides consolidated reporting across all channels used.

Merchants can now login to one dashboard and see all transaction data from in-store Point of Sales, MOTO and online eCommerce in one place. This enables you to gain better insights into how transaction channels perform and provide analysis on where to direct effort and resources.

Worldpay’s reporting tool also has an extensive catalogue of features designed to provide flexibility. This means you can decide how to use your data. For example, alert notifications track changes in transaction behavior, and scheduled reconciliation reporting assists an automated data approach.