IPS Release Notes

IPS V3.1.2.0
Released August 2021

This section contains details of the current IPS version.

Release notes for previous versions are in theOlder IPS versionssection below.

Release Notes for v3.1.2.0


  1. Added support for Stored Credentials – Recurring and Unscheduled transactions.

    Scope: Visa and Mastercard schemes only.

    • Merchants can create tokens with Stored Credential identifiers through the Sale transaction with the appropriate token purpose

    • You can use tokens with Stored Credential identifiers for Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) through the Sale transaction with appropriate token and token purpose

  2. Added support for the Pennies Prompt timeout as a configurable option.

  3. Added support for Finland, Netherlands and Sweden with IPS.

  4. Security enhancement: Keychange SHA1 hash algorithm has been replaced with the SHA512 hash algorithm.

  5. Resilience enhancement: Added three retries for dataset download functionality on file signature failure.

  6. Resilience enhancement: Allowed unlimited key change for the same terminal ID.

  7. Language display enhancement: The paypoint language can be set independently of country code of the TID. This enables the language displayed to the POS user to be different to the language displayed to the cardholder.

    • The language displayed to POS users is the Paypoint language and set via the Profile configured through the IPS Configuration Portal. You, the merchant, can directly configure the language and update it if needed.

    • The language displayed to the cardholder is set according to the country code of the TID as configured on the Integrated Payments gateway. Discuss with your Worldpay contact to make changes.


  1. Corrected logging so that when downloading datasets from the Integrated Payment service the phrase File downloading is added to the log files.

  2. Corrected issues with setting the language of the payment terminal based on system locale and removed the dependence on the system display language.


Sweden: For TIDs with Sweden, country code, currency symbol/text is not displayed on the Enter PIN and Present Card screens on the payment terminal.

Older IPS versions

This section contains the release notes for older versions of IPS.

IPS Release Notes for v3.1.1.0-0

New Features and enhancements:

  1. Added support of Firmware upgrade for e280 terminal.

  2. Added Spanish language support.

  3. Added support of USB/Serial communication with P400 terminal on Windows platform along with Configuration Portal changes.

  4. Added support of Alternative Payment Method Alipay. Supported transactions type are:

    • Sale with Authentication/Password

    • Sale without Authentication/Password

    • Refund

    • Cancel

  5. Added support to run IPS as Windows Service (also including the service account).

  6. Added support to run IPS on Linux platform with WiFi terminal (e280).

  7. Added support to disable Merchant Receipt printing for Pin Verified and Contactless with NO CVM Transaction.

  8. Added support of Semi-Attended mode with IPS.

  9. Added extra transaction results for last transaction status query.

  10. Added support to disable Customer Receipt printing for Low Value Contactless transaction.

  11. Added fixed in Configuration Portal for:

    • Country dropdown

    • Corrected UI labels for IPS registration popup

    • Added support of USB/Serial

  12. Changes to transaction APIs:

    • Added a new POS License Kay refresh message to fetch a new POS License Key - v1/pos/registration/refresh

    • Added a new outcome field to the payment result

    • Added restarted as a result of a device restart message

  13. A remote software upgrade package is available with this release. It helps you to upgrade from 310 to 311 version.

REST API changes

  • Added a new device API to add USB/SERIAL device.

  • Added a new API to get a list of USB/SERIAL ports of the machine used to run IPS.

  • Added a new property DeviceConnection in the get devices API

  • Added the Spanish country language code in the profiles

  • Changed the structure of the SupportedFeature in the profile to disable the merchant and customer receipts

  • Added the DeviceSettings property in the profile for the donation screen timeout

Issue Fixes

The table below lists the significant fixes - minor fixes or invisible fixes are not listed.

IDFix description
Issue - 01Fixed an issue reported on unexpected behaviour of IPS when a transaction request is received, and the payment device is not connected to IPS.
Issue - 02Fixed an issue with IPS, IPS was not able to start when APP.PID is present.
Issue - 03Fixed an issue on adding a paypoint with TID of length nine digits which includes leading zero.
Issue - 10Fixed an issue with IPS, where IPS is in stopped condition and the user tried to run the stop.bat file.
Issue - 12Added new field as outcome in payment result. The outcome values are: 1. Succeeded, 2. Refused, 3. Pending, 4. Failed
Issue - 14Fixed an issue with duplicate or last transaction receipt printing with the V240m payment device's printer.
Issue - 21Fixed a UI issue on Config Portal related to Preview Profile screen display.
Issue - 22Added acquirer contact details on referral transaction screen in IPS test client.
Issue - 32Fixed an issue with the IPS License key when the local PC time and Internet time are not the same.
Issue - 33Fixed an issue with IPS log messages to log the correct error code instead of an exception on adding a paypoint.
Issue - 34Fixed an issue with a Cashback transaction using a chip card.


  1. For USB/Serial Communication: If the cable is removed, the payment device does not detect a connection loss and remains at the default IPS screen.

  2. On the Linux platform: If the PC is shut down or if we close the 9080 port then the payment device does not get disconnected.

  3. Alipay:

    • Refund is not working on the Integrated POS Service. A fix is in development

    • Live proving for the Sale transaction with query is pending due to higher amount required in the wallet

  4. IPS is approving pre-auth completion transaction without receiving PGTR from host.

  5. In Semi Attended (SA) mode in IPS, if you do a Sale transaction with above CVM amount and tap CTLS card (LVC) then the payment device displays Please Insert/Tap/Swipe card. The Swipe option should not appear because swipe is not supported in SA mode.

  6. If you use the check-card functionality in IPS, and send isHandledOnline as True (to check the card type Debit/Credit) then you always get the response as False from the host.

  7. If you run IPS on Linux, in the Config Portal paypoint is not selected if you click the checkbox when you are trying to assign a profile to the paypoint.

  8. When you switch off or restart the router, the payment device does not connect back with the router. This is despite the fact that IPS is up and running.

  9. e280 payment device - There is no option to Cancel the transaction from e280 device after you make a transaction request.

Version was the first release of IPS (Integrated Payment Server). Previous versions were for test purposes and pilot merchants.

Core Features of the Integrated Payment Server (IPS) version

This release contains the following features:

  1. Supported Transaction Types:

    • Sale, Refund, Sale with Cashback, Cancel Transaction, Pre-Auth and Completion

    • Check Card with all modes (Chip, CTLS, Swipe and Keyed)

    • Check IPC Status

    • Get PED Status and Serial Number

    • X and Z report generation

    • Last Transaction Response Data

    • Last Transaction Receipt Data

    • Get number of offline stored transactions

  2. Supported Card Schemes: VISA, MC, Maestro, AMEX, Diners/Discover and JCB.

  3. Supported modes: Chip, CTLS, Swipe, Keyed and CNP (Customer Not Present).

  4. Supported Terminal Communication modes: IP connections: LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth over LAN.

  5. Supported Pinpad : P400 and e280 with VIPA firmware version and V240m with VIPA version HF6.

  6. Supported Stand-in (Offline) Processing (Sale with Chip).

  7. Supported Remote Software and Firmware upgrade.

  8. Supported Pinpad restart in 24 hours functionality.

  9. Supported SSL for IPS integration.

  10. Configuration Portal to support IPS configuration.

  11. Supported IPS Integration via STOMP Protocol.

  12. IPS integration is also supported via Android and iOS using SDK library.

  13. Supported value added features:

    • Gratuity

    • Pennies Donation (Electronic Charity)

    • Sale and Refund with Token

  14. Added support for Online PIN (MC, VISA, AMEX) in Germany with P400 Pinpad only.

  15. Added support of Online Refunds (for European countries with Visa and Mastercard).

  16. Cross Channel Referenced Refunds – Added the ability for Omnichannel merchants to make cross channel referenced refunds. This feature allows Omnichannel merchants to make an in-store refund that references the original online order. This ties the refund to the original online order. This feature is only available to merchant’s setup as Omnichannel - on the WPG platform.

  17. Update to the STOMP API: We have changed all the subscription messages so that the STOMP API prefix is now client where previously it was reply. For example, /reply/v1/payment/result becomes /client/v1/payment/result. This also applies to status messages. For example, /reply/v1/client/status becomes /client/v1/service/status.

Open issues

56523Issue with the e280 payment device where the screen gets stuck on Processing please wait. This occurs after PIN entry and does not return to last step. This issue is intermittent and infrequent.
53924Config Portal error reporting issues:
Add paypoint: No error message appears if an invalid TID is entered. TID creation fails silently.
Delete paypont: No error message appears if an attempt is made to delete a paypoint when a device is connected to it. Delete paypoint fails silently.