IPS Release Notes

This section contains details of IPS releases.

Core Features of Integrated Payment Server

Version is the first release of IPS (Integrated Payment Server). Previous versions were for test purposes and pilot merchants. This release contains the following features:

  1. Supported Transaction Types:

    • Sale, Refund, Sale with Cashback, Cancel Transaction, Pre-Auth and Completion

    • Check Card with all modes (Chip, CTLS, Swipe and Keyed)

    • Check IPC Status

    • Get PED Status and Serial Number

    • X and Z report generation

    • Last Transaction Response Data

    • Last Transaction Receipt Data

    • Get number of offline stored transactions

  2. Supported Card Schemes: VISA, MC, Maetro, AMEX, Diners/Discover and JCB.

  3. Supported modes: Chip, CTLS, Swipe, Keyed and CNP (Customer Not Present).

  4. Supported Terminal Communication modes: IP connections: LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth over LAN.

  5. Supported Pinpad : P400 and e280 with VIPA firmware version and V240m with VIPA version HF6.

  6. Supported Stand-in (Offline) Processing (Sale with Chip).

  7. Supported Remote Software and Firmware upgrade.

  8. Supported Pinpad restart in 24 hours functionality.

  9. Supported SSL for IPS integration.

  10. Configuration Portal to support IPS configuration.

  11. Supported IPS Integration via STOMP Protocol.

  12. IPS integration is also supported via Android and iOS using SDK library.

  13. Supported value added features:

    • Gratuity

    • Pennies Donation (Electronic Charity)

    • Sale and Refund with Token

  14. Added support for Online PIN (MC, VISA, AMEX) in Germany with P400 Pinpad only.

  15. Added support of Online Refunds (for European countries with Visa and Mastercard).

  16. Cross Channel Referenced Refunds – Added the ability for Omnichannel merchants to make cross channel referenced refunds. This feature allows Omnichannel merchants to make an in-store refund that references the original online order. This ties the refund to the original online order. This feature is only available to merchant’s setup as Omnichannel - on the WPG platform.