IPS Control Center

The IPS Control Centre helps set up and start your IPS and POS systems so that they work together in a high security environment. It generates unique activation codes for IPS and also the POS. Without these activation codes, neither the IPS or the POS will work.

The Control Center has two features that generate unique activation codes for each installation of POS that connects to IPS. These features are the:

  • IPS activation code generator

  • POS activation code generator


Here's how the IPS Control Center fits into the IPS and POS onboarding and installation process.

During the onboarding process, Worldpay gives you a unique customer account code and an EMBOSS MID (eMID) for each of your estates. If you have a relatively simple setup, then you probably have one estate and one eMID. Larger and more complex organizations will probably have several estates with an eMID for each estate.

Also, during the onboarding process Worldpay gives you login details for the IPS Control Center. These login details are associated with your customer account, and the eMIDs linked to that account.

Here's what happens:

  1. Use the login details we provided to login to the IPS Control Center.

  2. Once you're logged in, your first task to generate an IPS activation code. Use the IPS Activation Code menu option for this. This displays a list of eMIDs associated with your customer account. The IPS activation codes you generate here are valid for any of the eMIDs displayed.

  3. When you have an activation code, you need to enter this code into IPS. IPS prompts you for this code as part of its installation process and will not start or run without the code.

  4. As soon as IPS gets an activation code, it contacts the Integrated POS service to request an IPS license key. The Integrated POS service sends a license key back to IPS. This is an automatic procedure, you do not need to do anything.

  5. Once IPS has this license key, it completes its installation process. It is now ready for you to configure paypoints using the eMID and TID details that Worldpay provided. See theInstallation stepsfor more details. Remember that to configure paypoints, you can only use eMIDs linked to the customer account you used to generate the IPS activation code. See step 2 above, where IPS displayed a list of valid eMIDs.

  6. You need to get a new IPS activation code for each IPS installation and use it to license each IPS installation. The Integrated POS service maintains a unique license key for each IPS installation.

Note: The IPS license key is valid for one calendar year. IPS automatically tries to renew the IPS license key during the 30 day period before it expires.

Once IPS is up and running, you need to get the POS system running and working with IPS. Each POS that works with IPS must have a unique POS license key. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Use the same login details as before to login to the IPS Control Center.

  2. Once you're logged in, generate a POS activation code. Use the POS Activation Code menu option for this.

  3. When you have a POS activation code, POS needs to send this code to IPS. POS sends the code inside the POS registration message. The POS registration message is sent here:

  4. When IPS receives the POS registration message with the correct activation code, it sends back an POS license key.

The POS system must store this POS license key and uses the key as part of each transaction request sent to IPS.

Note: The POS license key is valid for one calendar year. You must renew the POS license key during the 30 day period before it expires. Use thisAPIfor this task.

Once the IPS and associated POS are up and running, you can see theInstallation Stepstopic for information on what to do next. For detailed information on the IPS Control Center, see the information below.

Home Page

The Home Page is the first screen you see when you access the IPS Control Center. It should look like the screen below: Information is on the main part of the screen; access the various functions from the drop-down menus on the top right of the screen.


The Worldpay onboarding team provide your initial login details. If you do not have these login details, contact the onboarding team or Worldpay Support.

To login:

  1. Click the user icon at the top right of the home page.
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Once you log-in, you return to the page you were on, normally the Home Page. Click the user icon and it shows your user name and the time you have spent on the system in this session. The first time you log into the system you need to select and answer some security questions. If you have problems on subsequent occasions, click Trouble signing in? You can also have the system remember your user ID.

Follow the links below for instructions on how to use the

Log off

To log off:

  1. Click the user icon at the top right of the home page.
  2. Click Sign out.
  3. When you're signed out, you remain on the Home Page. Close the browser or the browser tab.