IPS Control Center

TheControl Centerhas two applications that enable you to take payments and transfer funds with a very high level of security. The two applications are:

The IPC License Key Generator

The IPC License Key is a unique reference and is stored within IPC. You need the IPC key before you can use the various IPC functions. You also need this IPC License Key to generate the POS License Keys (single or multiple).

The IPC licence key is generated once for each IPC instance, at the point of IPC installation where it connects the IPS Control Center to get the IPC licence key. Use the credentials provided to you by Worldpay to generate the key and related attributes.

Both the IPS Control Center and IPC participate in the end2end create/update flow of the IPC licence key.

IPC stores this key locally, and it must be present before IPC will allow access to the:

  • Configuration facilities
  • Generate a POS licence key
  • Accept transaction requests

Followthese stepsto generate your IPC license key.

The Point of Sale (POS) Licence Key Generator

You need this key to connect your POS application to IPC for both the Mobile SDK and Direct integrations.

Every transaction request from POS must include the POS Licence Key.

The POS Licence Key is generated once for each POS instance.

IPS Control Center, IPC and POS all participate in the end2end create/update flow of the POS licence keys.

Followthese stepsto generate your POS Activation code.

The combination of these two license keys means the IPC systems as a whole is protected, and also the individual components.