IPS updates

Worldpay periodically issue updates to the application software (IPS) device software/firmware (payment devices) and configuration files.

There are two parts to an update; a request to schedule an update and the automatic update process.

Update Request

You, the merchant, ask your relationship manager (RM) or Worldpay Support for an update.

Once we receive your request, we schedule the update and schedule the update in the Terminal Management Software (TMS).

Make these updates to a logical set of devices and applications, for example, update a store or department at the same time. This will minimize the risk of software incompatibility problems.

Your Worldpay RM informs you of new software versions. For security and reliability, you should keep your system up-to-date with the latest versions. New IPS features may not work on old firmware and old systems can be unreliable and vulnerable to cyber attack.

There are also specific patches to the application software, you can ask for these by description or patch number.

Automatic Update Process

Every day the IPS automatically checks for updates during non-business hours.

If IPS discovers an update when it contacts the Worldpay TMS, the TMS sends the update to the IPS. IPS then applies the update and it restarts automatically if necessary.

If there are problems after an update, IPS automatically reverts to the previous version that worked correctly.

Note: The restart occurs automatically during non-business hours. If the update is urgent, you can do a manual restart of IPS immediately. IPS makes the update as soon as it restarts.