There are two different integration processes, one for the Mobile SDK, and one for the Direct integration.

If you have Android and iOS (mobile devices, phones and tablets) for your point-of-sale, you should integrate to the mobile SDKs. SeeMobile SDKs

If you have fixed payment terminals (based on Windows or Linux operating systems) for your point-of-sale, you should use a direct integration. SeeDirect Integration

There are some topics common to both types of integration. These topics are:

  • The configuration portal guide (for configuring the terminals and setting up pay points)

  • The control centre (for generating the POS licence keys etc).

  • FAQs

Integration exceptions

If you or your software development partner has a high level of development expertise you can also integrate directly to Android or iOS POS systems. But to do this you must implement all the handling and associated activities. These are much easier if you integrate with our mobile SDKs instead.

It is possible that some merchants, integrators or partners who support both mobile POS and fixed payment terminals could integrate to both the mobile SDKs and also direct IPS. If so, they can work on these independent integrations in parallel.