Integrated POS Validation Test

Worldpay operates a validation testing program with our partners.

This program ensures that any POS software that connects to the Integrated POS service is fully compliant with UK debit and credit card regulations, as set out by The UK Cards Association.

You, the merchant or partner, must complete the Integrated POS Validation test before you go live with your application.

This section is a guide for merchants and integrators to enable you to thoroughly prepare your application for the test process. It lists the transactions that comprise the Integrated POS validation test. It shows you how to make the test transactions with your POS and how to record the outputs.

This section covers transactions in the Retail Environment Direct Integration or Mobile SDK integration APIs.


The transactions are in two sections:

  • Mandatory Transactions cover the scenarios that any and all POS apps may encounter when using the Integrated POS service. All partners must complete these transactions as part of the validation test.

  • Optional Transactions cover the scenarios that some partners may not want to include in their payment service. For example, Refund transactions and/or cashbacks. Have a look at these optional transactions; make sure you include all those that apply to your service.

See theTest casestopic for detailed information on the transaction tests and links to both optional and mandatory tests.


Please follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. From your POS application execute all the mandatory and any optional transactions that apply.

  2. For each transaction.

    Note: If you only issue receipts from the V240m integrated receipt printer, skip this step - please complete the appropriate field in the Your Details section.

    a) Keep electronic copies of Customer and Merchant receipts issued from your POS.

    b) Review and compare the Customer and Merchant receipts against the examples given with each transaction.

    c) Ensure your receipts contain all the same information as the examples. To pass the validation test your receipts must contain all the information shown in the examples, although the information may be laid out differently.

    To future proof your POS application we strongly recommend that you use the IPS/Mobile SDK provided pre-formatted receipt text as the basis of your receipts. Card schemes can demand changes to receipts or changes can come as enhancements from Worldpay. If you follow our recommendation to use our pre-formatted receipt text, the POS app can incorporate changes to the receipts. These changes occur without having to make changes in the POS app itself.

    Some partners may want to produce their own format for the customer receipt. If you want to do this, the IPS/Mobile SDK has all the data elements needed in the customer receipt as part of transaction response message. Do not try to identify the receipt data elements by deconstructing the IPS/Mobile SDK provided receipt text. This is because the content and layout of this text can change from time to time.

    We strongly recommend that you do not produce your own version of the merchant receipts. Instead, only use the Worldpay issued merchant receipt text.

    This is because for signature-validated receipts (mag. swipe transactions, chip and signature cards) IPS/Mobile SDK must issue the merchant receipt before the transaction completes. This is so that the cardholder's signature can be recorded. At this stage, IPS/Mobile SDK only provides the merchant receipt text, it does not provide the individual data elements necessary to construct the receipt. This applies even if you configure the Pay point NOT to issue merchant receipts.

    With this option selected, IPS/Mobile issues merchant receipts to capture the signature for any signature validated card transactions. Following recent scheme mandates, future versions of the IPS/Mobile SDK will provide an option to suppress signature receipts completely.

  3. Complete the Integrated POS Validation Test spreadsheet that we send to you; fill out the following sections:

    a) Your Details: Provide your contact details, information on the the POS application and parameters configured for the test.

    b) Test Cases: Mark the tests you made and add any notes/observations/queries in the field provided.

  4. Send the spreadsheet, and the electronic copies of the receipts (from step 2) to your Worldpay contact and ask for an appointment for the Integrated POS Validation test.

We (Worldpay) do the test remotely. We will arrange a convenient time to observe how your POS app functions with IPS/Mobile SDK for all the transactions that apply. When finished, we will once more ask for electronic copies of all the receipts to keep in our records. We will follow-up with Integrated POS test sign-off approval.

Test cards

You must do your integrated POS validation testing with the ICC RCTP - Retailer Confidence Test Pack. These test cards allow a range of transaction scenarios to be tested and are a cost-effective solution suitable for advanced and new integrators alike.

ICC Solutionsis a well-established global company with extensive experience of industry test plans relating to chip and contactless testing for cards and devices. To buy test cards, or for further enquires, e-mail or go to theICC Solutions website.

To do the mandatory test and optional test cases listed in this script, buy the following cards from ICC Solutions. They are available as a six card pack. Tell them that you are integrating with Worldpay - this information helps ICC Solutions supply the correct six card pack. Also see the accompanying information sheet "Cards - Worldpay Test Cards.pdf"

  • Mastercard Credit PIN (contact)

  • Visa Credit Signature (contact)

  • Visa Chip and PIN and Signature (contact)

  • International Maestro (contact)

  • Mastercard PayPass

  • Visa CDET/ payWave

ICC Solutions also provide an eight card pack with two additional cards for testing American Express transactions. They also provide a range of RCTP cards - contact them directly for more information.

Note: RCTP test cards are intended for basic transaction/confidence testing and training purposes only. Do not try to use them in a live environment.


Summary table

EnvironmentIntegration typesPayment deviceBinaryReceiptsTest status
RetailIPS Directe280, P400, V240mYesIPS/Mobile SDK pre-formatted receipt textNot required, Completed successfully, Not started, Fail
Semi-attendedMobile SDKe280, P400, V240mNoPOS made receiptsNot required, Completed successfully, Not started, Fail