IPC Installation Steps

To start, use the command line to set the correct path for Java and bin in the environment. These paths are set each time the application starts:

  1. Set JAVA_HOME=<path to java>

  2. Set PATH=JAVA_HOME/bin;%PATH%

  3. Set the system path - Add the Java home bin path to:

Computer > properties > advanced > Environment Variables > User Variables > Path

The next task is to extract the application distribution zip file from the installation folder:

  1. Extract file from the installation folder.

The folder structure should appear as the screen shot below:

From the folder:

  1. Locate and run start.bat (Windows) or (Linux).

  2. A message appears that confirms the IPC application has started to initialise.

  3. Click the configuration portal link, supplied with the zip file, or in the zip file.

IPC checks for a stored key (IPS key) in the IPC folder. As you are installing IPC for the first time, IPC will not find the stored key. Instead a pop-up appears:

  1. Click the Configuration portal link, supplied with the zip file, or included in the zip file. The link takes you to the IPS Control Center.

  2. Follow the procedures in theIPS Control Centersection of this guide and enter your credentials.

  1. When you have used the [IPS Control Center] to generate the Application ID, Application Reference and Activation Code, enter them into the fields in the Payment Application (IPC) Registration popup.

  2. Click Register

When you click Register the application generates the IPS Key and stores the key in the IPC App folder. You are automatically redirected to the Configuration portal homepage. SeeConfigurationfor details.

When IPC and the payment terminal are configured, you can begin using the payment service API to make payments.


Configuration service API: http(s)://<machine_ip_or_host_name>:7080/ipc3-app/config/<api_path>

Payment service API: ws(s)://<machine_ip_or_host_name>:7080:/ipc3-app/payment/<payPointId>

When the installation is complete

When the installation is complete, IPC is normally left running day and night. If for some reason you need to start or stop IPC, do the following:

Start IPC

To start the IPC application:

  1. Go to the ipc-app folder where you have installed/extracted the file.

  2. Double click the start.bat file (Windows) or (Linux).

Note: Because the Payment Application (IPC) Registration process is a one-time procedure, you do not have to use the IPS Control Center to generate codes again.

Stop IPC

To stop the IPC application:

  1. Double click the stop.bat (Windows) file or (Linux) in the ipc-app folder.