A gratuity (often called a tip) is a additional amount of money a customer voluntarily adds to a bill.

IPS has configurable option to enable you, the merchant, to accept gratuities. If you enable this option then at the time of payment your customer is asked if they want to add a gratuity. If they select Yes, then they can add a gratuity to the bill of any amount. If they select No, the bill is paid 'as is' without any gratuity added.

What is a gratuity?

The gratuity is usually for good service or some kind 'above and beyond' action. Historically, tips were given before service (to insure promptness), and gratuities were given afterward. Now both words are interchangeable.

Some service businesses, such as restaurants, hairdressers, taxi drivers and so on accept gratuities from customers. These gratuities show a customer’s appreciation for good service and help motivate staff.

The gratuity is usually optional, but some merchants may need a gratuity in some situations. For instance, a restaurant may automatically add an 15-20% tip to all groups of eight or more people. This ensures fair compensation for the waitstaff serving a large group. Some businesses may have an option for customers to add a gratuity before payment.

Different countries and cultures have different expectations of when a gratuity is expected and the amount of a reasonable gratuity.