We describe or define most terms the first time they occur in a topic. A few acronyms, for example PIN number, are not explained in the topics because they are commonly recognised.

CDECommon Data Environment
CNPCard not Present
CPCard present i.e. the card is processed through a payment terminal
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EMBOSSNow known as the Integrated POS service
EMVEuropay, Mastercard and Visa
EPOSElectronic Point of Sale
EVTEasyVTerminal – The name of the YESpay/Worldpay EFT application before it was relaunched as IPS
IPSIntegrated Payment Server – Worldpay’s EFT application.
MIDMerchant Identification Number, but for system configuration, not acquiring.
MSRMagnetic Stripe Reader
MUATMerchant User Acceptance Testing
OSOperating System
PA-DSSPayment Application Data Security Standard
PANPrimary Account Number
PAN Key EntryManual entry of a shopper's card details, including their PAN, on a terminal
PCI DSSPayment card Industry Data Security Standard
PEDPayment Enablement Device
PINPersonal Identification Number
POIPoint Of Interaction
POSPoint of Sale
P2PEPoint-To-Point Encryption
sFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SSLSecure Socket Layer
SUSEA German open source software company that develops Linux applications
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TIDTerminal ID
TLSTransport Layer Security
TMSTerminal Management Software
Worldpay RMYour Worldpay Relationship Manager
YESEFTWorldpay’s EFT Kernel