Generate a Point of Sale Activation (POS) Code

IPS V3.1.2.0
Released August 2021

You need this code to generate a POS License Key.

The POS License Key is required for API requests to be accepted. The POS License Key is required for connections to the Worldpay Total API (for both mobile and direct integrations). No requests are accepted without this POS License Key.

To generate a POS Activation Code:

  1. From the Home Page, click the Point of Sale menu:

    Point of Sale menu

  2. Click POS Activation. A list of all the Emboss MIDs that you will be generating activation codes for appears.

  3. Enter the POS Reference. This must be an alphanumeric string between 9 and 15 characters long. Enter a reference to register and identify different point of sale devices. For example, MobilePOS1, MobilePOS2 and so on.
  4. Click Submit to request the POS ID and POS activation code.

The screen displays the Emboss MIDs, POS ID, POS Reference, and the POS Activation Code. It should look like the screen below:

Codes displayed

These various codes and IDs are:

  • Emboss MID - The identifier for the merchant record, generated in our system

  • POS Reference – A reference to this POS instance, entered by the merchant or integrator.

  • POS ID - This identifier is for Worldpay to reference and track POS registrations (for internal consolidation and reconciliation)

  • POS Activation Code - A one-time passcode for registration purposes only

There is also a Status indicator, this defines the status of the activation code. If it is INACTIVE, this means it has already been used.

Make a note of these various code values, then go back toInstallation Stepstopic.

View the POS licenses

To view the existing POS licenses, do the following:

  1. From the Home Page, click the POS menu. The menu screen appears.

  2. Click POS License. A list appears of all the existing POS licenses on the system.

POS license list

The page lists the 10 most recent POS licenses that have been generated. In the example above, there five licenses. You can see the following information:

  • Reference - This is the name entered in Step 3 ofGenerate a Point of Sale Activation (POS) Codeabove.

  • License Text - The actual license code.

  • E-MIDs - The E-MIDs associated with the IPS license

  • Issued On - The date and time that the license is active and can be used

  • Expiry On - The date and time this license expires

  • Status - This should be ACTIVE for a useful license. Others are INACTIVE