Frequently asked questions:

What character encoding shall I setup in POS client to communicate with IPS server?

Choose UTF-8 for all content and consider converting any content in legacy encodings to UTF-8

What encryption protocol shall I use for the communication between STOMP client and IPS server?

TLS 1.2 is the recommended protocol which is supported with the minimum Java 1.8 version. This protocol aims to provide privacy and data integrity between STOMP client and IPS server

What is the minimum VIPA version for the P400, e280, and V240m payment devices?

To know the minimum VIPA version for your terminal, see theGlobal capabilitytopic.

Why is my payment terminal prompting for a tip at the start of every sale transaction, even though I haven't opted for gratuity?

To get started with IPS, we provide the Gratuity feature in the default profile. You can create a new custom profile in the Configuration Portal and uncheck the features you don't want to use. (You cannot update the default profile).

Why can't I find my payment terminal when I configure the pay point on the Configuration Portal?

This happens when the payment terminal isn't connected/configured with the IPS. To fix it, try the following:

  • Check whether the machine running IPS is connected to the same network as the terminal

  • If the terminal and machine are connected to the same network, check the IP address (Host) entered in the terminal is accessible from that network

  • Check whether the Port 9080 is open/accessible or not on the machine where IPS is running. By default the firewall blocks the ports in the machine