IPS V3.1.2.0
Released August 2021

Alipay is a popular payment method that shoppers based in China use to make payments online from their Alipay eWallet.

With over one billion users, Alipay handles more than half of China's payments and transformed a cash market into a card-trusting market with their eWallet.

Built by internet shopping giant Alibaba to make it easier for their shoppers to buy and sell on their trading site, Alipay is now so popular that many shoppers prefer to pay by mobile device in stores and online.

Alipay with IPS

Alipay is currently available in the retail environment only. In future it will also be available in the semi-attended environment.

To start an Alipay sale transaction, merchants must scan the barcode displayed on shopper’s Alipay wallet app and submit the payment request with scanned barcode to IPS.

General information

Supported payment devices:

  • P400

  • e280

  • V240m – only where Global Support is available in the country

Supported regions:

  • UK

  • ROI

  • Germany

  • France

Supported currencies:

  • GBP

  • Euro

Supported environments:

  • Retail (Fully attended)

  • The Semi-attended environment is supported in a future release

Supported transactions:

IPS supports the following Alipay transactions:

  • Sale with additional authentication/password

  • Sale without additional authentication/password

  • Refund

Note: IPS supports both full and multiple partial refund attempts against an Alipay sale transaction.

  • Cancel

Note:All Alipay transactions occur in ONLINE mode.

Detailed information

For detailed information on Alipay, see theAlipay API informationtopic.