Integrated Payment Server (IPS)

IPS V3.1.2.0
Released August 2021

The Integrated Payment Server (IPS) creates a seamless in-store card payment experience. Use IPS to link your Point of Sale (POS) application to next generation payment terminals and mobile devices.

This single system gives your customers the shopping experience they want with a range of features. These include cashback, refunds and charitable donations. As you would expect, IPS offers fast and secure payment processing.

The information in these pages is for merchants, Worldpay partners and resellers. We explain how to install, integrate and run the Integrated Point-of-Sale client application in your retail environment. "You" in the guide means a merchant, unless otherwise stated.

Integration types

There are two ways to integrate with IPS:

  • Mobile SDK - This uses Worldpay’s software development kit (SDK) that is specially designed to integrate mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The SDK works on both Apple (iOS) and Android devices. SeeMobile SDKsfor more information.

  • Direct integration - This is a direct integration between IPS, your (the merchant’s) sales environment and IPS. This integration can use mobile payment devices, but does not need them. It uses the Windows or Linux operating systems. SeeDirect Integrationfor more information.

Your environment

The basics for IPS are:

  • Java 8 for the run-time environment

  • Windows 10 for the operating system

  • Linux for the operating system

SeeGet Startedfor detailed information on the environment.


Once your environment is in place, follow these steps to implement IPS within your company or organisation:


Go Live

The goal is to get your system to process live (real) payments as quickly as possible. The diagram below shows the basic system architecture.


For detailed information on the system architecture. See theGet Startedtopic.


IPS has some powerful features that you can use to take payments even when the internet is down. You can also give refunds, enhance your security, and offer cashbacks and donations to charity. SeeFeaturesfor more details.


Follow the advice and instructions in this guide and your integration will comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). For more detailed information about PCI compliance, see the PCI Security Standards Councilwebsite.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

IPS is an element of Worldpay’s POS service; a validated PCI P2PE solution approved and listed by the PCI SSC. If you implement P2PE as part of your payments operation you get the benefits of industry standard encryption from the payment terminal to Worldpay’s secure environment. You can also simplify and reduce your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance workload. For more information, see theSecurity and P2PEtopic.