Submitting an Account Updater Request

To start the Account Updater process, you submit an Account Updater batch request for the relevant customer accounts, seeAccount Updater Batch Requestfor a sample request. When Worldpay receives an Account Updater request, the system immediately returns an acknowledgment file to you. This acknowledgment contains basic validation information shown inAccount Updater Acknowledgment Response Codes. If the response file indicates any errors, you must resolve them and submit corrected information in a new Account Updater request.

  • The Response Code value appears in the <response> element.
  • The Response Message value appears in the <message> element.
  • The Resolution column explains how to correct the account error, if necessary.

Account Updater Acknowledgment Response Codes

ResponseCodeResponse MessageResolution
000ApprovedWorldpay forwards these accounts to the network (Visa and MasterCard).
301Invalid Account NumberCorrect the account number, and resubmit the card data.
320Invalid Expiration DateCorrect the expiration date, and resubmit the card data.
  • Worldpay verifies that the submitted card number is Mod 10 compliant.
  • Worldpay verifies that the date does not contain null or 0000 values. You must submit the expiration date as MMYY.

For a sample of the file, seeAccount Updater Acknowledgment Response

On days two, three, and four (Account Updater Work Flow), Visa and MasterCard each send a file of updated information to Worldpay. This file contains all of the information that Visa and MasterCard has at the time, so this file may not necessarily include information regarding all of the accounts you submitted.

Retrieving Your Account Updater Completion Results

When Worldpay receives all responses from Visa and MasterCard, the system creates one or more Account Updater completion response files. This typically occurs five (5) days after the initial Account Updater request.

To obtain your Account Updater completion response files, continue to the next section.

Retrieving Your Files via FTP

If you are using FTP, the Account Updater response file is automatically placed in your organization’s outbound directory. You merely pick up your response files from your FTP directory as described inRetrieving Processed Files via sFTP.Worldpay assigns a name to the response file using the following format:

merchantId. mmddyyyy. sessionid.rfr.asc

Worldpay purges all files in the FTP directory every 24 hours. You should plan to retrieve your files daily.

Reviewing Your Account Updater Completion Response File

The Account Updater completion response code and its associated message, as listed inAccount Updater Completion Response Codes, specify whether or not an account number has been changed and what type of change occurred, if any.

  • The Response Code value appears in the response element.
  • The Response Message value appears in the message element.
  • The Resolution column explains how to update the account number, if needed.

Review the completion response file and update your customer data as indicated in the file.

For technical information on the completion response file, seeRFR File Processing Response.

Retrieving Processed Files via sFTP

Depending on the size of your file, your response should be ready within a few minutes. Batch files containing large number of transactions take longer. For example, a batch of 10,000 transactions may require as long as ten minutes to process.

The initial response represents an acknowledgment that we received the transactions and notification that we will deliver them upstream to the card networks. Since we perform validation operations against the credit card number and the expiration date, it is possible that you also receive decline responses containing the appropriate response code.

To retrieve response files from the outbound directory:

  1. Open your FTP connection to the Worldpay outbound directory.
  2. Locate the response file, which will have the same name as the submitted file. If the response file has a .prg extension, it is still transferring to the outbound directory and is not ready for retrieval. The extension changes to .asc when the transfer to the outbound directory completes.
  3. Retrieve the response file.

    Note:Worldpay removes response files from the outbound directory after 24 hours. Plan to retrieve your files daily.

Account Updater Completion Response Codes

Response CodeResponse MessageResolution
191The merchant is not registered in the update programEscalate this to your Customer Experience Manager. This indicates a set-up problem that must be resolved prior to submitting another request file.
500The account number was changedSubmit the account number returned in the completion response.
501The account was closedContact the cardholder for updated information.
502The expiration date was changedSubmit the expiration date returned in the completion response.
503The issuing bank does not participate in the update program.Submit the original card information.
504Contact the cardholder for updated informationContact the cardholder for updated information.
505No match foundSubmit the original card information.
506No changes foundSubmit the original card information.

Account Updater cnpAPI Examples

This chapter contains information and examples on the structure of cnpAPI transaction messages used by the Account Updater feature. For definitions of the various elements, please refer tocnpAPI Account Updater Elements.

This chapter contains the following examples: