This section outlines the requirements for using the Worldpay Account Updater feature.

Card Network Requirements

In order to use Account Updater, you must first apply for membership to the following (not required by Discover for Worldpay-acquired merchants):

  • MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater
  • Visa Account Updater

Worldpay completes and submits the necessary forms. Approvals from Visa and MasterCard take between 10-15 business days. Normally, approval occurs without issue; however, the networks can declined you for a variety of reasons. For example, the networks typically decline merchants on a risk mitigation program.

Note: Visa does not allow merchants with SIC numbers 5962, 5966, or 5967 to participate in their Account Updater service. MasterCard has no restrictions against any specific MCC codes.

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements for using Account Updater are as follows:

  • Data Format: Worldpay cnpAPI format
  • Data Processing: Batch processing
  • Communication Protocols - two communication protocols are supported for the submission of Batch transactions to the Worldpay eCommerce platform:
    • FTP using PGP or GPG key encryption (Recommended)
    • sFTP

If you use the standard FTP method, you must use either the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) or the open source GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) encryption for your submissions. Both of these encryption methods use key cryptography and support message authentication and integrity checking. The alternate method, Secure FTP (sFTP), uses Secure Shell (SSH) to secure the transmission.

  • You must submit Account Updater transactions separately from payment transactions.
  • Certification Testing: Your organization must pass certification testing for Account Updater transactions. For more details about certification testing, seeTesting Your Account Updater cnpAPI