Best Practices

Worldpay recommends the following when using the Worldpay Account Updater feature:

  • Because of the total time involved in completing the work flow, you should send the Account Updater request at least six days prior to your normal due date for submitting auth/deposits for recurring transactions. This allows for the retrieval of the updates, as well as you updating your database in time to deliver the auth/deposit transactions.
  • Due to constraints imposed by the credit card networks, the end of the business day for Account Updater submissions is 6:00 PM ET. If you send an Account Updater request after 6:00 PM ET, Worldpay processes it on the following business day.

Because of the end-of-day differences noted above, Worldpay recommends that you gather and send your Account Updater information earlier in the day. This action ensures that the Account Updater work flow process begins on the day sent.

Batch processing involves a group of transactions submitted in a single file. A batch is a set of transactions for a single merchant. In the case of a cnpAPI Batch, the parent or root element is the <cnpRequest> element.

A single <cnpRequest>, referred to as a Session, can contain many batches and each batch can contain multiple transactions. Normally, you send in a single file which has one batch for each merchant. This works well when the overall number of transactions is small. The number of transactions you should submit in any individual Session or Batch depend on a number of factors, including whether or not you are an individual merchant or a presenter submitting transactions for multiple merchants.

In general, you should keep the following recommendations and rules in mind when determining the number of transactions you submit in an Session/Batch file:

  • A Batch should not exceed 20,000 transactions. If the number of transaction for a single merchant exceeds 20,000, you should create multiple batches for the same merchant, each batch containing not more than 20,000 transactions.
  • A Batch should not contain only one transaction, unless your organization has only one transaction for the day.
  • A Session file must never contain more than 9,999 Batches.
  • A Session file must never contain more than 1,000,000 transactions across all Batches.
  • Always allow sufficient time between your submission time and your cut-off time for the processing of the Session. Larger files take longer to process.

Testing Your Account Updater cnpAPI

This chapter provides information enabling you to verify that your Account Updater templates work correctly and will pass Certification Testing. This chapter contains the following topics: