Account Updater

Account Updater is an optional product that allows you to request and receive updated information concerning MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cardholder accounts. This product is used most often by merchants who offer a recurring billing payment plan for their customers. This introductory material contains the following sections:

Note: Please contact your Relationship/Corporate Support Manager with any questions related to this Value Added Service.


The primary users of the Account Updater service are merchants that engage in recurring billing scenarios. This type of billing includes subscription services, membership fees, multi-payment programs, and various preferred customer programs.

If you engage in this type of billing, it is inevitable that you receive some percentage of authorization failures each billing period due to changed account information. Normally, someone in your organization would then contact the cardholder to obtain updated information and re-submit the transaction. This ties-up your resources, causes additional expenses, and runs the risk of the cardholder ending the service.

Using Account Updater, you can submit a request (a minimum of five days in advance is recommended) for changed card information about the cardholders approaching their billing date. This same process applies if you are a tokenized merchant, except that you would typically supply the token instead of the card number. Each cardholder for which you receive updated information saves you money, time and (potentially) business.

Note: Since you only pay for matches, you may wish to make requests for larger numbers of cardholders rather than only those approaching their billing date. As a best practice, Worldpay recommends that you cycle through your cardholder database at least twice per year.

Account Updater Features and Limitations

Updater enables you to receive updated credit card information without having to contact each customer individually. The feature provides updates for the following information:

  • New account number and/or new expiration date (or new token if applicable)
  • Information about accounts transitioning from Visa to MasterCard and vice versa due to bank portfolio migration scenario
  • Account closed notification
  • Contact customer notification

Account Updater is available for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover payment cards. Other payment types do not participate in this program. Also, Account Updater does not support change of address or AVS updates.

Note: If you are a tokenized merchant and submit credit card information, the system returns updated credit card information. The system does not register the card and return a token for Account Updater transactions. If you submit a token,the system returns a token.

Account Updater Work Flow

The illustration below shows the Account Updater work flow, which requires several days to complete. For example, if you submit an Account Updater request on Monday (day one), Worldpay accumulates data from the networks Tuesday through Friday (days two through four), and the completed response would be ready on Friday (day five). Worldpay processes Account Updater files seven days per week.

Account Updater Work Flow


The process is as follows

  • Day One - you submit a request containing the relevant customer account numbers and expiration dates to verify. Worldpay immediately returns a confirmation file that contains basic validation information as follows:
    • Approved - indicates the data passed validation.
    • Invalid credit card number - indicates that the card data failed a validation. You must correct the issue and resubmit.
    • Invalid expiration date - indicates that the date failed validation. You must correct the issue and resubmit.

Worldpay forwards all approved Account Updater transactions to the network.

  • Days Two Through Four - Each day, the network provides available account data to Worldpay.
  • Day Five - Worldpay creates a completion response file containing updated account information. You retrieve your response file by logging in to your FTP account.

After retrieval, review the completion response file and use the data to update your customer data as necessary.