Integrate WooCommerce

Integrate with the MDSDEV plugin for WooCommerce Business Gateway.

Prerequisite: Before you start, make sure you have anaccount with Worldpayand that you have your installation ID to hand.

Download the plugin

  1. Go toWooCommerceand download the plugin.
  1. Open the plugin and go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Worldpay Business.
  2. Click to Enable Business Payment Gateway.
  3. Type "Worldpay" in the Title.
  4. Type the Description that the shopper will see during the checkout process. For example "Pay via Worldpay: Accepts Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, and JCB."
  5. Type your WorldpayInstallation IDin the box provided.
  6. Click to Enable Test Mode. If you want to log Worldpay events, click Enable logging.
  7. Save your changes.

Add information to the Worldpay Business Manager

  1. Log in toBusiness Manager.
  2. Choose SETUP/INSTALLATIONS. The Installations tab is displayed.
  3. On the Select Junior installation, click the Integration Setup: TEST icon.
  4. Type "<wpdisplay item=CM_payment_response_url>" into the payment response URL box.
  5. Tick these check boxes:
    1. Payment Response enabled?
    2. Enable Recurring Payment Response
    3. Enable the Shopper Response
  6. Enter an email address into Payment Response failure email address - this will alert you when a payment response failure occurs.
  7. Tick Attach HTTP(s) Payment Message to the failure email?. This helps if you need to alert Worldpay to any issues you are having (you can forward the email to us).
  8. Click Save changes at the bottom.
  9. Go back to the Installations tab and click Edit Payment Pages near the bottom.
  10. In the File Management tab of the editor, upload these files:
    • resultY.html
    • resultC.html

      Warning: Do not rename these files, or the system will not recognise them.

      You can find these files in the original .ZIP that you downloaded for the plugin. They are in the file location: payment pages>required.

Perform a test transaction

  1. Make a transaction as if you were a shopper. We recommend using ourtest card numbers.
  2. Check the WooCommerce Orders page for your test. If everything worked, the order will show as PROCESSING (for physical goods) or COMPLETE (for digital goods). If you're having problems, seeTroubleshoot.

    Note: At this point make sure yourwebsite compliance. has been completed, because this will speed up the process of going live.

  3. Contact our boarding team on 03303331233 (option 2). Have your installation ID ready, and if everthing checks out at our end we'll set your account live.


Here's some common problems.

When I go to the Worldpay site to pay, it says that the installation is invalid or the submission protocol is different.

You have entered a payment response password or MD5 (neither are mandatory) on the Worldpay side or the WooCommerce side, and they don't match. Double-check the passwords on both sides.

When I go to the Worldpay site to pay, it says that my installation is not live.

If the URL of that error page says "", you are attempting a live transaction but your account isn't live yet. Contact our boarding team on 03303331233 (option 2).

I entered the correct details but the payment response isn't working.

Check that you're using the WooCommerce Worldpay shopping cart made by MDSDEV - different shopping carts use different payment responses.