Below are common error messages and problems.

I copied the HTML example code and it doesn’t work

If you have problems using the example HTML code, verify that:

  • You copied the code correctly. In particular, verify the spelling of the parameters

    Note: The code is case-sensitive: INSTID is not the same as instId

  • You updated the HTML code to use your own installation rather than the example installation

  • The punctuation and spacing of your code matches the example HTML code

For a full list of parameters and their descriptions, refer to sectionParameters.

I received the message ‘no suitable accounts for this purpose’

This error message can be generated in response to a premature attempt to submit order details to the Production Environment before your merchant code (account) has been enabled.

Initially, your Live merchant code is disabled for transactions. There is no risk of accidentally triggering a Live transaction until both you and us have agreed that you are ready to go Live. You can develop and test your site using the test environment, which behaves in the same way as the Live Production Environment, except that no money is actually transferred when you submit order details.

If you try to submit order details to the Production Environment before you go Live, you receive this error message.

Note: You may also get the error message, "No currency value / variable is being passed across".

For more information about the test environment, refer to the Test and Go Live Guide.

I get a processing error when I attempt a transaction

This error message usually occurs while a merchant is in the process of integrating.

The most common causes are that an unknown character is being included in the values for the parameters, or no value is being supplied at all. For example:

<input type="hidden" name="instId" value="#12345">

The # symbol can cause an error to occur when the content of the form is posted to our payment service, because the server is not expecting the value of instId to contain a non-numeric character.

Some of my chosen currencies are missing

If some of your chosen currencies are missing from the Currency Selector Box in the payment page, please check that you are using the correct Installation ID for the transaction. If this is correct, then your currencies may not have been added to our system; in this case, please contact us.

Note: The test environment displays all currencies. To check the available currencies, use your production environment.

For more information on currencies, refer to sectionOverview.