Go Live

Once you've completed testing, you need to activate the account for real payments.

Request activation

  1. Log in to Business Manager and switch toProduction mode.

  2. Click SETUP then Installations.

  3. Look for the Select Junior installation, and click the green tick under Start Trading.

  4. Under Installation Activation Details, enter the website address in Your website URL for activation.

  5. Check the box Confirmation that your website URL is correct.

  6. Write "Please test this account" in the notes section and click Save Changes.

    This sends us the request to check and activate the account for live payments. When we've completed the compliance checks we'll send the account holder a confirmation email.

Make the site Live

Once we've completed the system checks and made the account Live, you can make the final changes to accept real payments:

  1. Change our test URL to the Live one, which is:

  2. Change the testMode parameter value from 100 to 0.

  3. Save and upload your changes to the site.

  4. Finally, to make sure that everything is working, we recommend that the account holder makes a final test transaction with a real card as if they were a customer. They can use a small amount, and refund it afterwards using Business Manager.