Enable payment responses

How to code payment responses (if required) from our server to the account holder's server.


By default, when a transaction is complete, we inform the merchant via these channels:

Information channelDescription
Business ManagerOur payments management tool, which lets you view details of a successful transaction.
Email confirmationWe send a confirmation email about each successful transaction, to the email address given by the account holder.

Types of payment result

The different payment result types below are sent when a payment is processed:

Status / conditionSent to Business ManagerEmail sentPayment response sent (when enabled)
Successful (Authorised)YesYesYes
Browser closed, connection broken or similarNoNoNo

Enable the service

  1. Log in to Business Manager.

  2. Click SETUP.

  3. Next to the installation Select Junior, click the icon in the Integration Setup: TEST column.

  4. Enter the Payment Response URL of the server-side script hosted on the web server.

  5. Check Payment response enabled?.

  6. Click Save Changes.

To use Payment Response, configure your web server to receive the Payment Message via the POST request method (or switch to GET). You can create a server-side script to examine the information in the response using any scripting language.

The payment response server-side script can be used to trigger actions in your order system or shopping cart facility. It can also send a shopper response to the shopper's browser via Worldpay.

If your system requires a full redirect to your own Webpage, you can include a META refresh (with a short delay) in the output of your payment response script (shopper response).

Best practice: We recommend that you have the latest service packs installed and that your firewall is enabled for us to connect to your server-side script.

If you are using Microsoft .NET 1.1 to create the payment response server-side script, you must disable the Request Validation feature. Refer to: for more information on how to disable this feature.