What are property files?

Property files contain the property values that are used to display text, tables, graphics and other information in the payment pages and Confirmation emails. Each field or element in the payment pages and the Confirmation Emails has a 'property'.

For example, the property for the 'Title' field in the Payment page which displays the text: 'Secure Payment Page' is In the property file, this is expressed as follows: Payment Page


payServ.nameThis is the name of the property that our payment service uses to specify the title text for the payment pages.
You cannot change the property name.
Secure Payment pageThis is the value of that property.
You can change the value of a property.

Types of properties files

The properties are contained in the following types of files:

messages_.propertiesThis type of message file contains most of the text message that appear on the payment pages and Confirmation emails. Each of our supported languages has its own message files.
The asterisk in the name is a placeholder for the two-letter code of the language. For example, the English version is (where = "en"), and the French version is (where = "fr"). For more information, please refer toThe Message Properties files.
display.propertiesThis file defines the colours and fonts used for the payment pages. The settings within this file do not affect the actual text, they affect only the fonts and colours used for the text. So please do not enter text, or forms, or other fragments of html code into this file.
When you make changes to colours, fonts, backgrounds, and so on, using the Payment Page Editor, these changes are automatically updated within the file.
You can also use this file to reference different images for use as buttons on the payment pages.

Note: The settings within the file control the colours and fonts for all of the language versions of the payment pages, including the Result pages.