Showing properties on pages - message substitution

The Message Substitution option in the Test Submission page provides a useful way for displaying the otherwise hidden properties and messages that are used to build the payment pages.

With the option switched off the property names are shown rather than the contents of the properties. Customising the pages becomes much easier when you know which property produces which of the displayed values.

To show the property names in the payment pages:

  • Open Payment Page Editor and select Preview.

  • The Test Submission page opens in a new window.

  • Enter the details for the test transaction.

  • For the Message Substitution option, select NO.

  • Select Submit. The Payment Selection page appears, with property names displayed rather than their values, as shown in the example figure below. If you had selected YES for the Message Substitution option, then the actual property values would have been shown, such as text and images.

Payment Selection page example

This example shows the standard Payment Selection page, displayed with Preview, with Message Substitution set to 'NO', so that property names are shown, rather than their values:


Other ways to show property names

There are two other ways to show property names in the payment pages, these are briefly described below:

  • using an HTML Order Details submission - Add the subst="no" parameter to your HTML order details submission. For example, by adding the following to your order details submission:

    <input type="hidden" name="subst" value="no">
  • using a URL string - Add &subst=no as an extra parameter to the URL string that you use to submit order details.