Shopper confirmation email

The Shopper confirmation email sent by our payment service is an acknowledgement from us that we have processed a transaction. The email is not intended to provide a way for you to acknowledge a shopper's transaction.

The shopper confirmation email is displayed in one of two formats: a plain text version and an HTML version. If your shoppers have a suitable email application, then the HTML version of the email is displayed by default.

The HTML version contains HTML formatting and promotional images, which cannot be customised. However, the text in both the HTML and plain text version can be customised, as described below.

Note: Both the HTML and text versions of the Shopper confirmation email use the same property file. Any changes to the email messages_*.properties file will be displayed in both versions.

Add text and an image

As mentioned above, the look and feel of the Shopper confirmation email is fixed by us, so you cannot change its design. However, you can use the Payment Page Editor to add your own text and a small image.

You can also customise the message properties files and the Payment Service HTML files to include text as well as dynamic information, created during the transaction. For more information, please refer toDynamic information parameters.

Example - add text with a custom parameter

To insert merchant-defined text into the Shopper confirmation email with the Payment Page Editor, you need to include a custom parameter, with its value, in the order details submission and then enable its display via the Payment Page Editor, as described below.

For example:

  • Select Confirmation Email from the Payment Page Editor's Edit menu.

  • The Shopper confirmation email page opens and displays three fields where you can enter the HTML tag which enables display of your text. For example, enter the following custom tag in one of the fields:

<wpdisplay item="MC_myText">

Note: Once you have entered this HTML tag to display your custom text, you cannot view this code when re-editing the email with the Editor's Confirmation Email option. However, you can view and edit this HTML tag by editing the messages_*.properties file for the appropriate language.

  • Select Add Text or Image to save your changes,

  • Include the parameter MC_myText and its value in the order details submission, for example:

<input type=hidden name=MC_myText" value="Thank you for taking advantage of our special offer."

Your text message now appears in the Shopper confirmation email when it is displayed.

For more information, please refer to the confirmation email section in the Editor menu items chapter of the Customising Guide (Standard).