Page description - Installations page

Installations provides access to the Integration Setup and Activation pages as well as the Payment Page Editor, as described below.

All of your installations are displayed in this page - you have at least one for each merchant code - you require a separate installation for each of your different payment page designs.

Each installation is identified by its Installation ID, such as 204493. An installation has an Integration Setup for each of the TEST and PRODUCTION environments, as well as Activation Details.

  • To open an Integration Setup page select the relevant Setup spanner icon for the installation.

  • To open an Activation Details page select the Activation icon for the installation. This option is not available for Mail and Telephone Order payments service (WorldAccess) installations.

  • To open the Payment Page Editor, select Edit Payment Pages.

    Note: The Payment Page Editor operates only in the TEST environment. For more information, please refer to theCustomising Guide (Standard)