Installation administration

Page description - Installation Activation Details page

The table below describes the fields and settings for the Installation Activation Details page.

Note: An Activation Request is sent when you select Save Changes. When we have received your activation details, it should take two working days to activate your site - assuming that it works correctly and all your paperwork is in order.

For more details about activation and going live, please refer to theTest and Go Live User Guide.

The following table describes each element or 'item' on the page, top-to-bottom, left-to-right.

Installation IDID for this installation. For example, 204596.
Administration CodeAdministration Code (ID). For example, CHEMISTRYWOR.
Company NameThis displays the company name that has been set by us for the Administration Code to which this installation is associated. This name will be displayed on the shopper confirmation email.
If you want to change the Company Name please contact us to discuss the change - various rules apply depending upon the type of company, for instance, a limited company has to show its limited status in the Company Name field.
EnvironmentThe environment used to store the various details and settings for this integration. For example, Production.
Your website URL for activationThe internet address URL of the website shop that is using this installation to accept live payments from shoppers.
For example:
Please ensure that you entered the correct URL. This is a one-time editable field - once you have confirmed the URL, you cannot change it.
If at a later date you need to change this URL, please
Confirmation that your website URL is correctConfirm the URL above by entering a tick in the confirmation checkbox.

Note: You cannot go live until you have supplied your website URL and have confirmed here that it is correct.

Test Transaction Instructions (Max. 255 characters)Enter your Test Transaction Instructions in the text area provided (to a maximum 255 characters).

Note: Our activation team tests your site and these instructions could be very useful to them when they attempt a test transaction. For instance, if your website requires special instructions, such as the selection of a special button to carry out a transaction, then specify this information in the text area.

Confirm that your Website is compliant with the Worldpay Website RulesCheck the box to confirm that your Website is compliant with the Worldpay Website Rules. Worldpay can enable your Website only if it is compliant with the Website rules.
Save Changes button
Select this to save the changes you have made and to automatically confirm that you intend to go live.
Integration Setup button
Select this to return to the Integration Setup: PRODUCTION Page.