Display tags for multiple languages

To create the payment pages in several languages, you can use display tags that automatically display texts in the appropriate language.

To add a display tag capable of automatically displaying various language translations:

  • Create a message property named resY.tag_name with an English value of text here, by inserting the property and value into a downloaded copy of the file, for example:

resY.tag_name=text here

  • Save the customised file and upload it to your Test environment.

  • Insert the following tag code into an appropriate place in the payment pages HTML files:

<WP DISPLAY MSG="resY.tag_name">

When you view the English version of the payment pages, the message "text here" is displayed.

Apply the same method to the messages_*.properties file for each language you want to support. Ensure that you translate just the property value in the message properties files - and remember to upload them after customising them.

When the payment pages are viewed the message will be displayed in the appropriate language.