Customise our supplied language versions

You can customise the standard language versions of the payment pages and Confirmation Emails by downloading the appropriate messages_*.properties file for a language from our server, then customising the messages to suit your needs, and uploading the modified file to your Test environment on our payment service.

To customise a language version:

  • Download the appropriate messages_*.properties file for the language. Note that there are two for each language: one for Payment Service page messages and one for the Confirmation emails. For example, the English versions are:


  • Open the downloaded messages_*.properties file with a text editor and customise the messages as required.

  • Combine the contents of both files and delete messages you do not want to change, so that only your changes remain in a minimal, customised file - our latest version of a message will be used if a particular message does not exist in your minimal, customised version of the file, as we merge your changed messages with our unchanged messages into one single messages_*.properties file.

  • If you have previously customised some of the text messages, then you may want to include these changes in your new version.

Note: We store details of all the messages that have been changed for your Test environment: to view these changes, select File Management in the Payment Page Editor, and examine any message files within the list of Property Files.

  • Ensure that the target language identity properties have appropriate values, such as, and lang.charset=ISO-8859-1: for more details please refer toMessage files - language identifiers.

  • Upload the customised messages_*.properties file to your Test environment, using File Management in the Payment Page Editor.

Test and use the customised language version

To view your customised payment pages, use Preview in the Payment Page Editor.

We advise that you test the payment pages for your customised version at the earliest opportunity by sending some test transactions through the Worldpay payment service.

You may also want to customise the help files used by the payment pages. To do this, you need to provide customised help files. For details please refer toHelp message files.

Note: If your payment pages support several languages, you can make use of display tags that automatically display texts in the appropriate language. For more information, please refer toDisplay tags for multiple languages.

Translate - content reserved for our use

Some content is reserved for our use only. You cannot customise/translate our reserved/fixed content. For example, the text contained in the brand.copy property is reserved for use by Worldpay.

For more information about translating these reserved areas, please email our Technical Support staff.