Customising the property files

Each of the property files is commented to help you identify which message appears in which area of the payment pages.

Once you have customised the property values you want, delete the remaining properties in the file, so that only your changes remain in a minimal, customised file: the Worldpay default values are to be used for any properties that are not defined in your file. Then upload the minimal, customised file to your Test environment.

Please ensure that the filename and extension of the file to be uploaded is the same as the file that you downloaded. For example, if you download the "" file, you should upload a file named "".

If you already have a customised property file you may want to blend previous customisations with new ones, by copying content from one file to another.

Note: We recommend that you make a backup copy of the current version of a property file before you make any direct changes to the file.

Example - customising the 1 property value

To customise the property value card.cancel.butt, which is used to show the "CANCEL PURCHASE" text in the English version of the Payment Page:

  • Download the English version of the messages file,, from:

  • Open the file using a text editor and search for the property called card.cancel.butt.

  • Alter the value of card.cancel.butt.

  • Delete all of the other properties you do not want to define.

  • Save your changes, then upload the altered file to the Test environment on our payment service.

You can view the effect of your changes by using the Preview link from any of the Payment editor pages.