Create your own language versions

You can create your own language versions of the payment pages and emails by downloading appropriate messages_*.properties files from our server, then translate the messages to suit your needs, and upload the modified file to your Test environment on our server.

Before proceeding, we suggest that you contact Technical Support with information about the language you want to use, as we may already have payment pages in that language.

To create a new language version based upon the English message properties files:

  • Download the following files that we use to provide all of the standard English text messages for the payment pages and Confirmation Emails:





  • Collect all of these messages into one file, then rename its two-character language identity to suit the target language: for example, for the Latin language. For more information on naming conventions, please refer to the message files.

  • Open the file with a text editor and translate the value of each message value as required, take care to translate only the value of each property rather than the property name: for example, to change the English value of the Make Payment button, alter the property value card.makePaymt.butt=MAKE PAYMENT to card.makePaymt.butt=SERVITIUM, Add target language identity properties and appropriate values, such as, and lang.charset=ISO-8859-1: for more information please refer to Message files - language identifiers. If your new language uses a specific character set to enable support of non-English characters, such as Arabic, Russian or Chinese characters, then please refer to Character sets for the selected language.

  • Upload the new file to your Test environment, using the File Management option in the Payment Page Editor.

Test and use the new language version

  • To view your new language on the payment pages, use Preview in the Payment Page Editor and select your new language from the Select Language drop down box.

We advise that you test the payment pages for your new language version at the earliest opportunity, by sending some test transactions through the Worldpay payment service.

You may also want to provide help files for the payment pages in your new language. To do this, you need to provide translated help files and a message properties file with updated links to your new files. For details, please refer toHelp message files.

Note: If your payment pages support several languages, you can make use of display tags that will automatically display texts in the appropriate language. For more information, please refer toDisplay tags for multiple languages.

You can also pre-select this language for your shoppers, so that the payment pages are initially displayed in the language, by including the parameter 'lang' within the order details submission - for example, with its value set to 'la', as shown below:

<input type=hidden name="lang" value="la">