Change your email address

You can change the email address to which Merchant Confirmation emails are sent in two ways, as described below.

Method 1 - For an Installation:

  • Login to the Merchant Interface.

  • Select Installations. The Installations page opens.

  • Open the relevant Integration Setup page by selecting the Setup spanner button for the installation.

  • Navigate to the Merchant receipt email address field, and enter your desired email address for your email confirmations.

  • Select Save Changes.

Note: This email address overrides the email address specified in Profile > Configuration Details for this installation only.

Method 2 - For a Merchant Code:

  • Login to the Merchant Interface.

  • Select Profile, then select Configuration Details. The Configuration Details page opens.

Note: If you have more than one merchant code you are first prompted to select the relevant one.

  • Navigate to the Email Address Configuration area.

  • Set the Send automatic email receipts for purchase payments field to 'Yes'. Alternatively, to stop receiving Merchant Confirmation emails, select 'No'.

  • Navigate to the Email Address for Receipts field and enter your desired email address for Merchant Confirmation emails.

  • If desired, enter an email address for your support staff into the Merchant support email address quoted in shopper receipts field.
    This email address is going to be included in the confirmation emails sent to shoppers.

  • Select Save.

Note: The email address specified in the Configuration Details applies to all installations in the selected merchant code - unless individual installations have email addresses specified for them, as described in Method 1 above.