Page Format

Page Format lets you set a background image for all of your payment pages and to specify the width of the payment container and its border in the payment page.

Page Format page


Feature descriptions

Background image for pageEnter the name of the image file you want to use. To include an image, first upload the image file to your Test installation using theFile Managementpage.
The background image occupies the entire background of the window used to display the payment page.

Note: To only display the background image in areas of the payment page where other items are absent, set the colours for all of the other items on the page, including the border. These items will then display 'on top' of the background image. To make the background image visible through the other items on the page, such as the Form Field area, set the background colour of all these items to transparent (use a 'blank' entry for the colour of the items in theColourspage).

Width of border for payment containerSpecify the width of the payment container border. Note that this may affect the width of the payment form.
Width of payment containerSpecify the width of the main area of the payment page. The width you specify for the payment container may be constrained by the coding of the header (top area).

Best practice: We recommend that you specify a percentage width so that your payment page displays consistently for all screen resolutions. If you omit the % symbol, then your entry for the width of the payment container area is set as a fixed value in pixels, and it will not resize to fit the size of the browser window used for the payment page. For high screen resolutions this could make the payment page difficult to read.

Set OptionsApplies your settings to the payment page.