Copy to Production

When you've finished making all of your changes, and you're happy with the view in test (with the Preview link at the top-right of the Editor), you're ready to copy them to your production (Live) environment.

Warning: The copying option overwrites the current payment page files for the Production installation, so make sure you're happy with your changes before doing this. Because you can't make a backup of the files in the Production installation, we strongly recommend that you useBackup and Restoreto copy them from your test installation.

Copy to Production environment page


To copy the payment service page files of your current test installation to the Production installation:

  1. On the File Menu click Copy to Production.

  2. Click Yes when the Confirm Copy to Production Environment page prompts you.

  3. The Home Welcome page opens, showing a message confirming that the files are being copied.

Note: The upload of these test versions of the payment page files may take up to six hours to appear as your new Production Payment pages, because this action requires an update on our secure server.