Confirmation Email

When a shopper makes a purchase from your store, our payment server sends them a Confirmation Email. The Confirmation Email page enables you to customise this email and to add your own text. Any text you enter appears in the email sent to your shoppers.

Confirmation Email page


Feature descriptions

Select LanguageAppears if you have enabled another language, using theLanguagespage.
Language listboxEnables you to select a language to be used in the Confirmation Email.
Displays the languages you have enabled, plus any new languages that you have created for your installation. See theLanguagespage if you want to enable a language so that it appears here.
Select Language buttonApplies the language selected in the Language list box.
Add your own text to shopper email receiptThe shopper Confirmation Email page offers three fields where you can enter text: they appear in areas at the top, middle and bottom sections of the email. These fields are shown within the text of the entire email message, so you can view where your entered text displays in the email message that is sent to shoppers.

Best Practice: There is no limit to the amount of text you can enter in the three text boxes, but we recommend that you check the spelling of your entered text before adding it to the email.

Add you own image to the HTML EmailEnables you to add an image to the Confirmation Email. The image is displayed in the top right corner of the email.
Email Image URL:Enter your server-based location for the image file into this field.

Note:Note that the image is loaded into the email from your own web server.

Note: Ensure that this image is not larger than 190 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall.

Add text or Image buttonApplies changes you made to the Confirmation Email.

Note:The image may take up to two hours to appear on your new Confirmation email version, as this action requires an update on our secure server.