Button Images

Button Images lets you replace the button images in your payment pages.

Prerequisite: You have already uploaded the images you want to use via thefile managementpage.

To specify a button image:

  1. Enter the name of the image in the field you want to update, such as the Cancel field if you want to replace the Cancel button image. You do not need to enter a path name (e.g. /images/buttons/...etc.) - just the name of the image file.

  2. Click Set Images to apply the changes to your payment page, replacing the previous button.

To change the colour and size of the text used for the button labels, use theText stylespage.

To view how these elements are displayed on the Payment Page, see thebreakdown of a payment page.

Button Images page


Feature descriptions

Button nameDescription
Continue & Select LanguageThe default button that is displayed for selecting a language or continuing to the next page.
CancelThe Cancel button.
Start AgainThe Start Again button.
HelpThe Help button.
Make PaymentThe Make Payment button.
Set ImagesApplies your settings to the payment page.
The selected image is displayed and added to your payment page, replacing the previous button.
When you select Set Images, a root path (~/) is automatically added to the filename.