Business Gateway 350

How to connect your website to us, send test transactions and securely take payments.

Before you start

Get an account

You need an account with Worldpay so that you can start testing. If you don't have this,contact us.

Note: The account we create lets you send test transactions from your website. We switch on the ability to send real payments later in the process, when we've made some necessary checks. Please be aware that this can take up to 48 hours from the point that you send us the request.

Get your installation ID

  1. Log in to Business Manager andchange the temporary passwordwe gave you in the email we sent you.

  2. Choose the first Merchant Code in the list (if you have more than one).

  3. Choose SETUP and click Installations.

  4. Make a note of the numbers next to Select Junior - this is your Installation ID, and you will need it later.

Make sure your website is compliant

You don't need to do this immediately, but it speeds up the process of going live later if you arecompliant.

Choose your integration type

  • The simplest method is to use a shopping cart - we have a range of compatibleshopping carts.

  • For a very basic integration, where you use simple 'Buy This' buttons for each product on your site, seeIntegrate (basic).

  • For an advanced integration, we recommend that you employ a software developer. SeeSet up your developer access.

Set up your developer access

If you have a developer, you need to set up their access and send their login details.

  1. In Business Manager, make sure you are inproduction mode.

  2. Click SETUP then click User Management.

  3. Click Create New to see the Create User page.

  4. Type a Username and Full Name for your developer, and choose a Password. Make a note of the Username (including the part after "@") and Password because you'll need to send these to your developer.

  5. Click Active and enter your developer's Email address.

  6. Assign the Merchant Code(s) for your account by clicking their check box.

  7. Under Edit User Roles, click:

    1. manage

    2. manage - installations

  8. Scroll down to the orange area and click:

    1. manage [test]

    2. manage - installations [test]

  9. Click Create User.

  10. Send your developer:

    1. The Username and Password so that they can log in.

    2. The Installation ID you made a note of above.

    3. A link to thepagethey need in this guide.