Versioning and Change log

This log details any breaking and non-breaking API changes we have released for our Verifications service.

Prerequisite: Make yourself familiar with ourAPI Principlesto ensure a resilient integration.

Versioning log

Breaking changes

Version 5 dynamic statement narratives.

  • you must now submit narrative in yourintelligentanddynamicverification request
  • this is no longer a breaking change. narrative is now an optional field as of 02/15/2021

Breaking changes

Version 4 introduces strict parsing.

  • header change to "Content-Type: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.accounts-v4+json"
  • sending any fields not recorded in our documentation returns anerror

Breaking changes

Version 3 introduces transactionReference.

  • header change to "Content-Type: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.accounts-v3+json"
  • new mandatorytransactionReferencefield

Breaking changes

Version 2 introduces verificationAddress and the removal of the recurring endpoint.

  • header change to "Content-Type: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.accounts-v2+json"
  • verifications:recurring action link and resource link removed
  • cardOnFile endpoint now returnscardOnFileAuthorizeandrecurringAuthorizeaction links in the response
  • merchant.reference renamed to merchant.entity
  • billingAddress renamed to verificationAddress

Note: You can find documentation for all versionshere.

Change log (Non-breaking changes)

  • You can now supply storedCredentials.reason as an optional field for both cardOnFile endpoints:

  • The paymentInstrument.cardHolderName field is no longer mandatory in v5 requests.
  • The narrative block is no longer a mandatory field in v5 requests to cater for upstream services

You can now submit your v4 and v5intelligentanddynamicverification with a decrypted Apple Pay paymentInstrument. This only applies to the cardOnFile endpoints:

  • we are returningpaymentInstrumentin verified and notVerified responses for enabled merchants
  • you can now submit the following values for authentication.version in your3DSrequest:

    • for 3DS1 - 1.0.2
    • for 3DS2 - 2.1.0 or 2.2.0
  • we are returningriskFactorsin verified and notVerified responses
  • you can now sendverification requestswith a token to both cardOnFile endpoints:

  • you can now sendverification requestswith a token to both oneTime endpoints:

  • recurringSaleaction link is now returned in the cardOnFile verification responses. This allows for recurring sale transactions.