Payment Discovery

Payment discovery empowers you to self-serve. It gives you the best course of action before a payment takes place, improves acceptance rates and generates your own tailored payment experience.
Gain access to real-time payment insights through an integration that's low cost, minimizes operational overhead and is highly resilient to change.

Explore Discovery:

  • One entry point for all payment methods
  • Discover and adopt new payment methods
  • Stable and accurate payment metrics
  • Self-serve with less operational overhead

Simplify your integration experience

Integrating into new markets or payment methods is often costly and time consuming. Discovery removes that complexity by providing a simple, optimized dataset through our RESTful API.

Discovery understands your business and provides the appropriate payment methods that meet your business needs.


Grow your business with access to global payment methods

Global scale for your customers. You provide us country and currency, we give you access to payment methods used around the world allowing you to exand globally

  • Discover international payment methods
  • Transact with multiple currencies
  • Deliver bespoke customer journeys with local language
  • Benefit from our global footprint and our service teams around the world


Payment optimization

Payment optimization is a useful tool when making decisions. Utilize our discovery service to enhance and understand your customer's payment choices through real-time insights. Discovery can help reduce declines by optimizings the submitted data. We suggest optimized RESTful API requests or identify better routing for a given transaction.

  • Gain the best acceptance rates through our insights
  • Understand local payment methods by market share in your desired country
  • Ensure your payments are compliant within the region you wish to operate
  • Keep up to date with latest branding with our stored up to date payment logos

Gain exclusive industry insights

Card and local payment methods by country


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