Versioning and Change log

This log details any breaking and non-breaking API changes we have released for our Checkout Web SDK.

Prerequisite: Make yourself familiar with ourAPI Principlesto ensure a resilient integration.

Versioning log

Support for enhanced card sessions

  • The SDK now returns a card session URL in the form of Previously, the card session URL looked like this:

The format of the new card session URL supports our new upcoming Payments API, whilst also remaining compatible with our Verified Tokens API.

Change log (Non-breaking changes)

We have released a new version of our Web SDK 1.11.0. This version will enable you to customize the caret color in PAN, Expiry date and CVC input fields by setting thecaret-colorproperty in CSS.

On mobile devices, these input fields will now display numeric keypad as the customer enters their card details.

We have added anintegration example using a React.js applicationto our Web SDK documentation.

We have added a feature allowing you toremove the SDKfrom a page.

We have added anintegration example using a Vue.js applicationto our Web SDK documentation.

PAN formattingallows you to format the card in your checkout form as the customer types.

Thecard brand configurationallows you to restrict the cards that you accept on your checkout form.

This feature allows you to customize theaccessiblityaspects of your SDK integration.

We have added aclearForm featureallowing you to create sessions for multiple cards without reloading the SDK.

We have increased the lifespan of the CVC session from one minute to 15 minutes.

You can now create a sessions object for your customer's CVC only. See the full guidehere.

You can now create to separate sessions for your customer's card details and CVC. See the full guidehere.