Important: We have released a new version. Documentation for our latest version can be foundhere.

Get started with our Verifications API

API v2

Note: This documentation covers version 2 of our Verifications API. Documentation for our latest version can be foundhere.

Query the root resource

Our APIs guide you by providing you with links to the next available actions. To discover and start using our APIs you must first query the root resource.

Set your headers

Setting your headers is an important part of an API request. The headers represent the meta-data associated with your API request.

Authorization: {your_credentials},
Content-Type : application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.accounts-v2+json,
Accept : application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.accounts-v2+json
AuthorizationThe Authorization header is used for authentication and identification of our merchants within Access Worldpay. You must use the Authorization header for any request you send to our Verifications API.
Content-TypeThe Content-Type header is required if the request you're sending includes a request body, and if the HTTP method is a POST or a PUT.
AcceptThe Accept header is used to identify which version of our Verifications API you are using. You must use the Accept header for any request you send to our Verifications API.

The Content-Type and Accept headers, must match.

Note: Replace {your_credentials} with your base64-encoded Basic Auth username and password. To get your Access Worldpay credentials contact your Implementation Manager.

Query verifications root resource

Query the verifications root resource to get the resources to our verifications API.


The response

    "_links": {
        "resourceTree": {
            "href": ""
        "verifications:oneTime": {
            "href": "",
            "templated": true
        "verifications:cardOnFile": {
            "href": "",
            "templated": true
        "verifications:verification": {
            "href": "{resource}",
            "templated": true
        "curies": [{
            "name": "verifications",
            "href": "{rel}",
            "templated": true


verifications:oneTimeVerify a oneTime payment.
verifications:cardOnFileVerify a cardOnFile payment.
verifications:verificationSend a request to receive the result of a historic verification.

Next steps

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