3DS2 SDK - Android & iOS

API v2

Use our native android SDK to improve issuer challenge display for 3DS2 and increase the chance of a frictionless authentication using mobile device data.

Note: Native mobile support is a new feature of 3DS2, for responses that are 3DS1 a webview is required for thechallenge.

Visualize our 3DS API and see the flow of a 3DS authentication.

Device datahas been provided using the SDK and the issuer supports 3DS2. If the order is considered low risk by the issuer a challenge is not required.
3DS2 frictionless
3DS2 Challenged
If the issuers risk analysis decides the order is of sufficient risk then achallengewill need to be performed. The SDK provides an enchanced customer experience compared to 3DS1 challenge display.
3DS2 challenged
3DS1 Challenged
If nodevice Datais provided or the issuer only support 3DS1 achallengewill need to be performed. The SDK cannot support the issuers 3DS1 challenge display, instead webView must be used
3DS1 challenged

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